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We help store and business owners to improve their businesses through:

Organizing sales environments in order to improve your customers' dwell time and thus sales. A study shows that an increase of only 1 percent in customer dwell time in the store increases the chance of sales by 1.3 percent...

Basically if a customer stays just 10 seconds longer on a dwell time of only 5 minutes, we will have a 130% increase in the chance of sales.....Not bad right?

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who am I?

My name is Marco FontanaI am an Engineer and Architect I have always worked internationally in the field of design and architecture.

Every day I help entrepreneurs in the retail sector and companies improve their turnover and productivity,

through designing work environments that boost productivity and the ability of customers to buy from you. We will drive you from analysis, to burocracy, construction sites and delivery of the project.

We also analyze and design new collections of products that can increase your sales and accessory spaces, in particular parks serving sales. 


We can say that on average, companies that have worked with us have seen an increase in their turnover, directly related to our activity by values between 20 percent and 60 percent, depending on the drafting of the strategic plan and the work commissioned.


Our service is unique in Italy and I will explain why.....

I have known the activities of a shopkeeper since I was a child, my grandmother owned two stores and my grandfather owned a winery


The experience that is part of my background has been extensively elaborated from my studies in Italy, Brazil and the United Kingdom. I am well acquainted with market needs from different perspectives and what it takes to improve your company's productivity domestically and internationally.


We know how to manage operational processes and are familiar with the most advanced, state-of-the-art tools to increase the turnover and productivity of your business as well as the corporate image that can attract quality customers to your company.

Understanding your needs

All our new projects start by listening to our client's needs. This phase is crucial for you but also for us, since we take a limited number of projects it is best that, in these, we can be sure to maximize your outcome

This means taking the time to listen to the specific issues and goals you want to achieve. 

We will ask useful questions to guide us in defining the causes and their solution, as well as understanding what is the best course of action to take 

This phase will take place through an initial cognitive phone call and then a necessary number of video calls (usually 3), which are completely free and in which you have no obligation to continue 

Marco Fontana Architetto - Marco Fontana Design - Analisi


Without a strategy and a pivot concept for development, you cannot design.

After the analysis and dialogue phase is completed and development goals are shared, an action plan and strategic advice is given, which consists of discussing the analysis issues (they may also be different from those assumed in the first meetings) targeting the source of the problem and not its concauses. Risks and opportunities are highlighted. At the end of the strategic plan you will get a graphic elaboration, slides, illustrations, possible plastic or 3D models, depending on the individual case to better understand and define the guidelines of the project.



Having defined in analysis and strategic cosultation, the strategy and possible opportunities before us, we move on to actual planning. This period will be longer than the previous ones. In it we will delve into all aspects of the project and its future implementation, through drawings, photo-realistic images, 3D models, 3D models and technical advice. Once this process is finished, which will go hand in hand with your taste with frequent reviews with you and the state bodies from which we will have to obtain all the bureaucratic authorizations we will move on to the construction site to carry out your project and the workshops to create your interiors that will significantly differentiate you from your competitors. This is a guided and tailor-made process for you, right up to the day you open your store or business.

Marco Fontana Architetto - Marco Fontana Design - Progettazione


Find out how shop design can help you increase 40% turnover in just 6 months


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Here are some testimonials from our clients, read what they say about us....

Marco Fontana Design - Image Clienti con cui abbiamo collaborato - testimonianza - Felix
Felix Schwake, CEO dello studio di architettura Felix Schwake

“The striking thing, to work with Marco, is his capability of problem solving and to find proper and creative solutions to the problems. I really like his way of designing space which are astonishing and in different sectors, like interior, garden and product design. I would especially like to thank Marco for his pleasant personal manner! Kind Regards Felix Schwake”

Marco Fontana Design - Image Clienti con cui abbiamo collaborato - testimonianza - Donna 1
Paola Speranza, CEO di ESPI Design

“Grande professionalità e simpatia! Sono contenta di poter lavorare con Marco, una preziosa collaborazione!”

Lucia Piviali, proprietaria di immobili

“Competente , corretto e puntuale la mia cucina è cambiata completamente”

Marco Fontana Design - Image Clienti con cui abbiamo collaborato - testimonianza - Donna 2
Claudia Capitelli, CEO di Innesti

“La cosa più bella di Marco secondo me è tutto il lavoro che sta a monte e precede l’inizio della stesura del progetto vero e proprio. Forse sarà stata anche fortuna il fatto di trovarci allineati sulla stessa lunghezza d’onda, quella dell’innovazione partendo sempre dalla natura, dalle sue forme e dai suoi intrecci e collegamenti. Tuttavia sono convinta anche che sia dovuto alle sue capacità il fatto di creare un connubio perfetto tra quello che il cliente ha teoricamente in testa (gusti, preferenze, identità e messaggi fondanti) e la traduzione di tutto questo miscuglio (talvolta confuso!) in realtà, che metta in pratica e amplifichi l’idea di partenza. Il suo lavoro spazia dal design di interni a quello di aree verdi agli oggetti, proprio per la sua capacità (che non ho trovato in altri) di tradurre fedelmente un’idea in varie forme compiute. Ultime, ma non per importanza, la sua disponibilità e umiltà, che mettono il cliente a proprio agio e creano un piacevole spazio di dialogo e confronto, sempre nell’interesse dell’ottima riuscita del progetto”

Marco Fontana Design - Image Clienti con cui abbiamo collaborato - testimonianza - Donna 3
Antonella Chilelli, Proprietaria di Immobili

“Un incontro più che positivo! Devo dire che conoscere Marco è stato un bersaglio centrato: disponibilità, professionalità, ricerca dei dettagli, attento alle mie esigenze sia estetiche che di budget. Pronto al confronto nell’interesse della buona riuscita del progetto. Devo dire che ho apprezzato da subito il progetto che è riuscito a realizzare in modo ben bilanciato, assolutamente vivibile ma soprattutto con quel livello di estetica e di qualità del design che volevo fin dall'inizio. Consiglio Marco a tutte quelle persone che hanno intenzione di elaborare progetti di alto livello utilizzando tutte le ultime tecnologie nel pieno rispetto dell'estetica con risultati assolutamente pratici e vivibili senza dimenticare il gusto del bello; professionalità e competenza riscontrata nelle proposte innovative e molto interessanti dal punto di vista del design e tanti consigli tecnici ricevuti durante la sua consulenza. Grazie Marco!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Of course….Just a question: For instance would you buy a cloth at the same price in a messy shop, with the whole catalogue put in a basket, where you must find by yourself what you like or would you buy in a shop well designed with people caring for your request?
  • Our service ranges between 10% and 20% of our work. Our cost is always presented to you before you start and you can decline without paying a single penny.
  • It really depends on the location, size, sector, etc… just to give a really rough idea; Just the interior of a shop could start from €10.000-€12.000, just for the works. Therefore, our cost will be starting from €1.000-€1.200.
  • A good management and design strategy can get a great result even with a low budget. Anyway, we will prepare a strategic plan just for your shop; this plan is useful to understand when a budget is too high for the target or too low. Sometimes with just a little increase in the budget you will get great results.
  • Consider that your company/shop relies on your workers! Without them your strategy cannot run. Really well-designed spaces can decrease the stress sharply. A less stressed worker will be more productive, open-mind and kind with your customers, this at the end will increase the productivity and sales
  • Sometimes we discuss a lot on this point with our customers. The external place must be an extension of your internal design. This creates a strong brand identity and a story which will involve your customers to spend more time in your shop buying more and giving to other people positive feedback about you.
  • It is really useful to improve the design of external places because they will increase the productivity of your workers and lower the level of stress increasing productivity and sales of your company.
  • Just to create a new product or a collection of items does not increase your sales alone. First of all, a new product/collection must have market research where we have to analyse the market trend to understand if a new idea could work or not before starting the design process. Once there will be an analysis, a design, and a production you must promote with your customers the new product/collection and even this can be done in a creative and interesting way.
  • It really depends on the product, to design a car takes a lot more time than to design a mug. Before starting a design process, we will do market research to understand the market trends and see if you can tackle these trends. Then we create a concept which best suits your brand and your ideas, then we present you the analysis, the concept/design, and the prototypes. The price of this service will be between 10% and 50% of the final design costs (just to give an idea if the final cost is €5.000 this process can cost between €500 and €2.500, and this will be fully discounted from the final design cost. Once the prototypes are accepted and production is decided we will ask for between 5% and 15% of the production cost of each batch.

My free advice

In the meantime, if you don't yet feel ready for a journey together, we recommend you follow our articles and our youtube channel that contain useful tips on how to improve the productivity of your store or business


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